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The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to providing students, faculty, staff and visitors with access to its programs, services and facilities. This includes providing reasonable accommodations that ensure qualified applicants and employees with disabilities have equal employment opportunities.

The Employee Disability Resources (EDR) office serves as the campuswide hub for information on the disability accommodation process for employees and applicants. We recognize that all UW–Madison applicants and employees with disabilities have a right to ask for a reasonable accommodation, and we advocate for a process to identify if one can be made. If you are experiencing difficulty in the hiring process, while performing duties of your job, or accessing an employment benefit, you can consider requesting an accommodation.

We offer essential information, consultation, education, and referral services to employees and applicants, Divisional Disability Representatives (DDRs), and supervisors and managers to help minimize barriers in the workplace. We’re guided by our belief that disability is an important aspect of diversity, and we support full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of employment and participation at UW–Madison.

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COVID-19 Accommodations and Leave

The university is providing reasonable accommodations, workplace flexibility and leave options for those who need it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Report an Accessibility Barrier

Report an accessibility barrier, including physical or digital barriers that prevent access for people with disabilities.

Report an Accessibility Barrier


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Employee Resources

If you are having difficulty successfully performing duties of your job due to limitations from a disability or medical condition or if you need leave related to a disability, contact your Divisional Disability Representative (DDR) for a confidential conversation.

Disability and Medical Leave Resources: A Guide for Employees | English Guide

All Languages Summary Guide

Chinese, Tibetan, Spanish, and Hmong

Employment Provisions of the ADA: Guidelines for Compliance

Report a physical or digital accessibility barrier

Americans with Disabilities Act

Job Interview: Disability-Related Questions

Examples of Possible Accommodations

Roles in Disability Employment Matters

Supervisor Resources

Applicant Information

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to providing a workplace for our employees where they can be successful. This includes providing reasonable accommodations in order for qualified employees or applicants with disabilities to have equal employment opportunities. The Office for Equity and Diversity is responsible for UW–Madison’s compliance with the employment provisions of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you are an applicant with a disability and need reasonable accommodation to assist you in the application process, please contact the Divisional Disability Representative (DDR) for the School, College or Division at which you are applying for a position. DDRs are designated by their deans/directors to facilitate requests for reasonable accommodation. The DDRs receive training on disability processes and are authorized to request, receive and maintain confidential medical records for employing units.

The DDR’s contact information can be found here.

Disability Accommodation Policies

Accommodation Forms

The following forms are PDFs that may be filled in Adobe Acrobat. They must be printed and signed for submission.

Divisional Disability Representatives (DDR)

List of Divisional Disability Representatives

What is a Divisional Disability Representative (DDR)?

  • DDRs are designated by their deans/directors to receive accommodation requests forms from employees and to assist managers, supervisors, and employees in their divisions in responding to disability matters in a way that complies with the ADA.

  • Only DDRs are authorized to request, receive and maintain confidential medical information and records on behalf of employing units in their divisions.

    ADA confidentiality requirements apply to medical information and records for disability, Workers Compensation, Income Continuation Insurance and all medical leave.

  • DDRs are required to consult with the Disability Coordinator/Employment in the Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) before modifying or denying an accommodation request.

  • DDRs have received extensive training on ADA requirements and campus disability policies and procedures.

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison has separate disability accommodation policies and procedures for classified staff, academic staff and faculty.

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding disability-related matters.